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How to Make a Custom Flag: Quick 5 Steps

Whether you’re preparing for a trade show or need a stunning addition to your storefront, a custom flag won’t let you down. Decorated with personalized elements, it reflects what you stand for and makes people flock to your business.

The best part? You don’t need to use heavy-duty materials to create one. The entire process takes just five steps, and we’ll list those steps right here.

Read on for a detailed guide on how to make a custom flag.

How to Make a Custom Flag: Quick 5 Steps

Diving Into How to Make a Custom Flag

Follow these five steps to craft the most amazing custom flag for any occasion:

Step 1 – Go to CustomFlagsNow.com

The first step to making a great custom flag isn’t to assemble scissors, scalpels, paper, printers, and fabric. Believe it or not, an online tutorial on how to make a custom flag might be just the thing you need to begin making that special banner. We want you to take a slightly unconventional yet much more convenient route – visit CustomFlagsNow.com.

This is a dedicated website for creating tailor-made flags that eliminates the need to manufacture them yourself. It’s helped hundreds of businesses increase their brand awareness through personalized flags, and it’ll do the same for you.

Set of realistic white flag and textile banner template isolated

So, fire up your phone or computer, make sure you have a reliable internet connection, and head right over to the platform.

Step 2 – Choose a Flag Style

This might be the most important step, so take your time during the selection. When choosing your flag style, look for something that reflects your brand and lets you connect with your audiences. If you’re all about simplicity and minimalism, styles like “Golf Flag,” “Rectangle Flag,” and “Garden Flag” should work great.

Alternatively, if you want to stand out with eye-catching designs, options like “Shark Fin Flag,” “Swooper Flag,” and “Desk Flag” will give you that extra oomph.

Step 3 – Select Your Size, Quantity, and Printed Sides

You won’t spend too much time selecting your flag size because Custom Flags Now provides several ready-made dimensions that are common for each flag style. Some styles have just one size, whereas others, such as “Crowd Flag,” have five options: 12 x 8, 25 x 15, 20 x 20, 30 x 30, and 40 x 40 feet.

While considering the right size, be sure to enter how many flags you need in the “Qty” box. And no worries – there are no minimum order quantities, meaning you can order just one flag if that’s the amount you need. Likewise, Custom Flags Now offers bulk purchases, so feel free to purchase hundreds or even thousands of products.

After specifying the dimensions and quantity, decide whether you want Custom Flags Now to print just one or both sides of your banner. Double printing is more expensive, but it ensures customers can see your logo from all angles.

Mockup of three vertical flags design

Step 4 – Customize the Design

The “Customize Your Banner” section is where the real magic happens. It allows you to embellish your banner(s) with pre-made artwork or your own graphics.

 If you prefer the former, click “Browse Templates” to discover numerous style-specific layouts. Alternatively, press “Upload Complete Artwork” and select the corresponding file on your device. Some of the formats you can use include JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG.

You can also design your banner yourself without the use of a template. Just click “Design from Scratch, and you’ll be able to select just the right text, graphics, and fonts to craft stylish graphics.

Lastly, if you have any special requests regarding the design of your flag, just type them into the “Additional Instructions” box.

Step 5 – Pick Your Delivery Date and Checkout

Unlike some other stores, Custom Flags Now doesn’t limit you to pre-determined shipping dates. You can choose your own delivery dates that fit your schedule. Some orders can be received in as little as six or seven days after you place them. Best of all, every shipping date is guaranteed.

After selecting when you want your flag sent to you, simply press “Add to Card” to finish the process.

Various pole flags banners

Why Choose Custom Flags Now?

Here’s why Custom Flags Now is the No. 1 producer of tailor-made flags:

  • Various customization options – Colors, printed sides, fonts, and quantities are just some of the features you can customize with Custom Flags Now.
  • Perfect for businesses – As a business owner, you typically need flags in bulk, and Custom Flags Now supports you all the way. You can order as many flags as you want on this website.
  • Secure payments – Custom Flags Now uses an encrypted payment system to ensure your credit card information is safe.
  • Increased brand awareness – When designing your flag, it really is all about your business. Custom Flags Now realizes this, which is why it lets you use your own graphics to strike a chord with your audience.
  • Free shipping – Stunning, tailor-made flags AND free shipping? Sign me up! That’s right – Custom Banners Now offers free shipping for some of your orders.


What size should my flag be?

The bigger the flag, the better your message gets across. Large flags are more visible, allowing you to attract more visitors to business. You also need to consider the size of the pole. In most cases, the long edge of your flag should be about 25% of the height of the pole, while the shorter edge should be 1.5 times shorter than the long edge of the flag.

What’s the best flag material?

Polyester and nylon are great flag materials, with each one providing different benefits. On the one hand, polyester is more durable, resistant to tears, and can be cleaned easily. But while nylon is slightly less durable, it has an appealing texture that works great with many vibrant colors and shapes.

How long does it take to make a custom flag?

If you make your flag by hand, it can take hours, possibly even days. But if you place an order on the Custom Flags Now website, your flag design can only take a few minutes.

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