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How to Make Your Own Flag at Home

Whether you participate in just one or dozens of trade shows every year, like every other company that attends one, you need to make your company stand out. A great way to do so is to use a flag banner with your logo. It lets you distinguish your enterprise from others, which can result in more visitors. 

But since ready-made flags are usually too expensive, you might want to save money by making your own flag at home. Read on to learn how to make a flag banner.

How to Make Your Own Flag at Home

How Do You Make a DIY Flag Banner?

Many business owners know how to make a flag banner, but they often create generic, copycat designs that don’t reflect their brand. Follow these tips, and you won’t have to worry about that – your flag will come out stunning: 

  1. Gather materials – Some of the most common materials for flag banners include scrapbook paper or patterned fabric. The latter is especially useful since it makes your flag more colorful. Plus, patterned fabric has eye-catching textures to help your stand pop. You should aim for approximately five different banner colors.
  2. Make cutouts – When cutting out your flag banners, don’t forget that they should be triangles with a short base and long sides. The first banner cut will be the template for the rest. Also, rather than waste time with scissors, use a sharp Exacto knife that allows for fast, accurate cuts. 
  3. Give vent to your creativity – If you don’t like standard flag banners, use pinking shears. Flags cut out with these tools have zig-zagged edges that are more eye-catching than straight ones. 
  4. Attach your flags – No banner flag is complete without a string, and the right string depends on the flag material. For paper flags, punch two or three holes at the base of each banner and thread some twine or ribbon through the flags to attach them. For fabric flags, sew the upper edge of each one around ribbon or twine. You can also use fabric glue to speed things up.
Feather beach flag

That’s it – your DIY banner flag is done. All that remains is to tie them by the string to the nails in your stand or secure them with thumbtacks.

Is There an Easier Way to Make a DIY Flag Banner?

The best thing about this method of making flag banners is that you can craft pretty much any shape that comes to mind. You can also infuse an array of colors for a dazzling visual effect.

The only problem is that it takes hours to make just one flag banner. If you need to create 10-15 banners, you might not have enough time to prepare for your show. 

So, is there a way to make stunning flag banners faster? There is – all you need to do is go to Custom Flags Now. This website allows you to create the most amazing flag banners within minutes. The best part? You can customize the result with nearly unlimited shapes and colors. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Navigate to the Custom Flags Now website. 
  2. Choose “Triangle Flag” and select a size. Besides standard dimensions (1x1, 4x2, 5x3, and 6x4), you can enter custom dimensions. 
  3. Type in how many flags you need in the “Qty” field. 
  4. Pick the desired side finish (pole pocket or grommets).
  5. Tell the website whether you want one or both sides printed. 
  6. Upload your business logo using the “Upload Complete Artwork” button. Alternatively, press “Design from Scratch” to create a new one or “Browse Templates” to explore dozens of pre-made templates. 
  7. Choose the color of your flag. A myriad of colors and shades are available, from toast, teal, and slate to raspberry, olive green, and magenta.
  8. Type in any additional instructions, such as where you want the manufacturer to place your logo. 
  9. Select a guaranteed delivery date, tap “Add to Cart,” and finalize your purchase.
Waving flags mockup

Within a few days, you’ll receive a tastefully designed, high-quality banner flag that will resonate with your audience. All that without breaking a sweat.

Why Choose Custom Flags Now for Your Flag Banner?

Learning how to make a flag banner is great, but having Custom Banners Now by your side is even better. Here’s why you should use this website to craft your banners: 

  • It’s fast – You only need a few minutes to design your banners at Custom Banners Now. 
  • It’s accurate – Custom Banners Now replicates your designs accurately, eliminating the need to modify the banner yourself once you receive it. 
  • It’s convenient – The website offers guaranteed delivery dates, meaning you won’t have to worry about delayed shipments.
Set of realistic white flag and textile banner template isolated


What’s the best way to make a banner flag at home?

The best way to make a flag banner is to use a website that allows you to make customized banners, such as Custom Flags Now. With just a few clicks, you can create a striking design, and there’s no need to buy materials. Once the website receives your order, the manufacturer will do all the work for you.

How long does it take to make a flag at home?

It can easily take more than two hours to make a flag at home, especially if you’re inexperienced. That’s why we recommend using flag-making websites, such as Custom Flags Now.

What are the advantages of DIY flags over pre-made flags?

The biggest advantage of DIY flags over pre-made flags is that you can customize them however you want. You can tweak each element, including the cutouts, colors, textures, and shapes, for better results.

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