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How to Make a Flag for a Country Step by Step

Flags are powerful symbols. They can bring people together, giving a sense of purpose and belonging. This is especially true for country flags. That’s why making one can be a challenge, requiring hard work and attention to detail.

This guide will cover how to make a flag for a country.

How to Make a Flag for a Country Step by Step

Step 1 of How to Make a Flag – Picking the Shape

First up, you need to select a shape. And, if you were to ask a vexillology (the study of flags) expert about how to make a flag for a country, they would most likely recommend a rectangle.

That’s the shape used by most flags across the globe.

Of course, it’s not the only choice – triangles and squares are available, too – but it’s by far the most common. And it’s not hard to see why. Rectangles have many advantages. They offer a wide, spacious base to place your design, giving you the freedom to add various elements, like stripes and circles, without any risk of running out of room.

Step 2 of How to Make a Flag – Deciding on the Design

The next step in this guide about how to make a flag is figuring out your design. And this is probably the part that will take the most time and require the most effort.

Start with the basics – look at your chosen flag shape and determine how you want to use it. Maybe you plan on dividing your rectangle into two or three sections, for example, or adding a circle to it.

Feather flags mockup

From there, you can dig into the details, adding additional elements to your flag to complete its design. Here are some handy tips and tricks you can use to come up with the ideal setup for your new country flag:

Keep It Simple

If you look at many country flags, they tend to be quite straightforward. Many consist of strips of color, like France. Others, like Japan, have a solid color background with a central circle or other element.

Consider the Canton

Many flag designs put a lot of emphasis on the canton. That’s the rectangle in the top left corner of lots of flags. The U.S., Australia, Greece – there are lots of flags that use a canton. It provides a focal point for the design. Plus, it’s easy to see when the flag is hung.

Seek Inspiration

If you’re short on ideas, look at real country flags for inspiration. You can find entire galleries of them online with a quick Google search. Take a look through and see which ones jump out at you. You might find a flag that perfectly captures the vibe you’re going for, and you can then use that as your base.

Waving flag mockup

Add Symbolism

Symbolism matters, too. Those stars on the Australia flag? They all have a purpose. The stripes on the American flag? There’s meaning behind each one. Even simple-looking flags, like Japan’s red circle on a white background, have genuine symbolism behind each element.

Get Intricate

Perhaps you’re drawn to more detailed, intricate designs. Wales and Mexico, for instance, both have stand-out flags with decorative animal images in the middle. If you want to go down that route, think of a creature or symbol that represents the country you’re creating for.

Step 3 of How to Make a Flag – Adding the Color

Colors are arguably just as important as the design and shape of a flag. And, just like the shapes and designs, each color has meaning and purpose. So, you don’t want to rush in and color your flag with any old shade. Instead, take your time and choose your palette with care:

Waving flag mockup
  • Don’t overdo it. Look at most flags. You’ll see they tend to have two or three colors at most. For instance, there’s the red, white, and blue of the U.S. and Russia. Or the red-and-white combo of Canada, Switzerland, and Austria. Select a couple of colors that fit your country best.
  • Don’t feel obligated to stick to the most common colors. Feel free to mix things up with shades and hues that aren’t seen as often. This is especially relevant if you intend for your flag to look a little different from the rest.
  • Avoid combining shades that are too similar. Red and pink, for example, may blend together, making it hard to see the detail of your design, especially from a distance. Try to pick contrasting colors instead.
  • Consider the meaning behind each color. Each one has associations you can learn about online. For example, yellow is often linked with the sun, while green is associated with nature and good fortune.

How to Make a Flag the Easy Way – Use Custom Flags Now

There you have it – how to make a flag in only three steps. As you can see, creating country flags is relatively straightforward, but it does require some careful thought and consideration.

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